Thursday, 11 October 2012


 So its almost that time of year again. Yes you know what I'm talking about. Halloween! My favourite holiday (after Christmas of course) the cold misty/crisp weather, the atmosphere building up to Halloween, pumpkins, and one of my not so favourites, the bangers or black cats whichever you choose to call them. I live in a not so respectable estate so i become oblivious to the sound of them during the month of  October. Anywho's now its time to plan my outfit/costume, as usual I've left it til the last minute like I seem to do with everything but I'll always getsorted in the nick of time. Last year I dressed as a zombie with my boyfriend, it was pretty cool with the makeup and eye contacts, we got so many compliments, then when I went out with my girlie's I chose to be the black swan from the movie Black Swan as it was released around then and I thought it was really cool.
I can't wait to see everybody's ideas this year, some people come up with the most original or funny costumes that they don't get enough credit for. I'm still not sure about what to dress as but I'm thinking of going scary not sexy, don't get me wrong if a sexy maid or nurse is your thing then rock it but I personally think Halloween is supposed to be scary so maybe you could mix it up by being a zombie nurse or something. Just put your own touch to it. I am thinking of trying a zombie bride and maybe a skull candy face with something simple like my disco pants or who knows I'm sure ill figure something out and ye will be first to see, I'll be sure to do a blog post on my night and include photos of what I chose! Hope ye have a good Halloween and get lots of sweeties when ye go
 trick 'r treating!

Dan. x

Me and Jack

Myself, Zoey and Maeve a bit tipsy at that time! : )

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